Sinan Mercenk „Individuality“ | Release 08th December 2017

Individuality is the third album from music producer Sinan Mercenk, who lives in Berlin. The 15 tracks were partly created in Istanbul and Berlin. Renowned artists have participated on the album, such as Pat Appleton (De-Phazz) Anne Schnell (Jojo Effect), Nathalie Claude, Jen H Ka from Paris, Nikola Materne, Miss Natasha Enquist, Chui Min Yoo (Alice Francis) and Aycan Kato (daughter of Günseli Kato). Mercenk experimented on the album with sounds from the Electronica, Deep House, Downbeat, Soulful Music, Bossa and Synth Pop genres, in part the tracks have a catchy feel (radio versions). The numerous features show that Individuality is varied.



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