MOCA „CABRIOLET“ | Release 20th April 2018

moca is back! With „cabriolet“ the foreman of a barrier free listening pleasure put their feet on the oor again. It is their third release after the worldwide impacting albums „Wroooooooooam“ (2003) and „Tempomat“ (2007)

Sorry, listeners, but the moca sound is uncategoriz-   able. It melts snippets from funk, bits of jazz, a little   latin here and there, a drop of pop. Moca blend it with various electronic styles and forge unique   listening pearls of wide musical range. In this unpa-   ralleled moca universe, moments of sheer beauty  alternate with real beasts of   beat. Relaxed virtuosity   melts with smart arrangements. All songs combine   delicious grooves, classy harmonies and catchy me-   lodies: unique moca.
Numerous friends joined moca in the studio and   added their colors to the new album. Outstanding:   Ashley Slater, singer of the iconic acid jazz band   Freakpower (UK) around   Norman aka Fatboy Slim,   contributes incredibly cool vocals on two tracks.   Moca remixed a WDR Big Band version of latin-clas-  sic „Oye como va“ by Tito Puente / Carlos   Santana. Resistance is futile – you will be be mocarized!

“OYE COMO VA  feat. WDR Bigband”
In the context of a WDR project the   moca adaption of latin-classic „Oye   como va“ by Tito Puente / Carlos Santa-   na came into existence.
The instrumental groups were sepe-   rated, expanded, rearranged and   remixed. Moreover moca added their  bandsound and electronic program-   ming expertise leading into an groovy   yet smart version ready to   party.

“HEAR MY CALL   moca feat. Ashley Slater”
“The song Freakpower never wrote!“  (Ashley Slater / Freakpower)
A qoute as an accolade for moca. The acid jazz heroes of  Freakpower around Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim have   been one of the most important musical in uences for   Christian and Martin Becker. Working   with Ashley was a   real pleasure – you can hear it. For all serenity – this track   really pushes with hymnic power.  And it gets even better: „Freakpower“ have reunited. Their   new album will be released in 2018

Video: watch on youtube