The Electro Vintage Revolution | Release 15th November 2013

Vintage is in vogue, be it in fashion, movies, adverts or music. Never before earlier eras experienced such a global renaissance like it is happening nowadays! Regardless if you look at Electro Swing and Electro Blues, Digital Cumbia, Balkan Beats or Nuevo Tango – traditional musical genres and well known classics with a new electronic livery gain new fans on all continents, especially in the young generation of music lovers.

Bahama Soul Club – The Cuban Tapes | Release 08th November 2013

Darker, deeper a bit more mystic than what you probably expected from The Bahama Soul Club. Alluring Tiki blended through Jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms and instrumentation, environmental sounds and lush romatic themes and not without a twinkled eye for the Exotica genre. „Sure everything is based on Bahama Soul-ish kind of established and reknown rhythm and sound, but this time we spotted more on the composition with more harmonies and a soft spot on fine melodies.

Lisa-Marie Fischer – One In A Million | Single-Release 25th October 2013

In her songs Lisa-Marie Fischer sings about her life: She talks about friendship, traveling, adventures and much more. She accompanies herself on stage with guitar and harmonica. If you listen, you will immediately remember Southern United States: Nashville, Memphis or Austin is the home of the musical idols of Lisa-Marie Fischer. Country, Folk, Singer / songwriters are the musical elements that make up her songs.

Roberto Sol – Electrified Emotions | Release 10th October 2013

Roberto Sol – an acclaimed artist not only in the global lounge and chillout scene – has now brought forth another masterpiece with his brand new album „Electrified Emotions“ which is full of surprises. Including all the ingredients from the musical realms of pop, jazz and world music the album has turned out to be an impressive documentation of musical globalism.

NOISEAUX – Nodemocracy | Release 23th August 2013

Nodemocracy is typically NOISEAUX: an odd concept with a pleasant outcome. The Song and the video combine the artist’s affinity to 1990’s console gaming aesthetics with a political empowerment statement. Nodemocracy is by mere coincidence released just before Germany’s federal elections.

CHRISTOS FOURKIS – Midnight In A Perfect World | Release 26th July 2013

The muchly anticipated release of the album Midnight In A Perfect World by Greece top DJ Christos Fourkis has arrived. Christos Fourkis releases his 3rd album. The musical concept of the album is a combination of great chill, lounge and chill house tracks. With these songs Christos wants to take away all of your problems , stress and stop your head at midnight with great company relaxing, love and happiness.

FETSUM – Waitin‘ for you (Remixes) | Release 17th June 2013

The man is taking the US by storm right now. His debut album The Colors Of Hope and particularly its first single, Letters From Damascus respectively are for instance on heavy rotation on the best radio station in the word, KCRW from Santa Monica. Now FETSUM goes even one better. The second off-shot single, Waitin’ For You, arrives in a masterfully wrapped up triple pack. In collaboration with FETSUM Sonar Kollektiv proves again that it has a knack for choosing the right remixers for a specific track.

ALICE FRANCIS – Gangster Love | Single-Release 14.06.2013

Alice Francis: The new swing-era’s designated queen of cool and easily one of the most exciting new acts this year. Besides her unique voice that melds modern pop with the crystal clear pitch of all-time greats like Billie Holiday and Eartha Kitt, Alice is an extraordinarily skilled songwriter, lyricist and live-performer.