TipstR TV new mediapartner of idee deluxe

LOGO Box jpg .001TipstR TV, a new global TV Channel based in Berlin and London, our new partner for music-videos. Out of Berlin comes a new innovative and global TV channel – TipstR TV. Away from mass production and scripted formats TipstR.TV overcomes the borders of conventional TV. With its content TipstR.TV focuses on the power of the latest in music, lifestyle and culture as well as on the creative passion behind projects. TipstR TV connects it with the many uncountable stories people have to tell in urban cities. TipstR.TV can be watched next to the channel’s platform also on big screens/TVs at home via Alex.TV and MyVideo (Sat.1 & Pro7) as well as on Amazon TV, TiVo and Roku in the UK and US. Borderless, that’s how TipstR.TV imagines the future of TV broadcast!

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