Nikola Materne & Bossanoire (Live Band)

Nikola Materne & Bossanoire - Jahreszeiten The Seasons change

Nikola Materne & Bossanoire is a German musical collective led by musicians Nikola Materne and Jost Ziegner. Nikola’s band mates Axel Zinowsky, Caspar van Meel and Jochen Welle are combining their ‘German ness’ and ‘Artiness’ with 60’s bossa nova style arrangements by Jost Ziegner. Just like music for a cinema, made popular in France during the 60’s. Nikola‘s intense, ironic and melancholic lyrics, plus her intonation, creating a magical carpet ride throughout changing of seasons, love, sadness, happiness, emotions and emancipation. On their first album ‘Wunderbar Allein’ Nikola writes about her personnel life experiences of a mature woman. ‘Being alone – can be so amazing’ sings Nikola on her title song and first single. The album consists entirely of easy listening bossa nova chansons that were all lyrically written by Nikola Materne, a multi-talented Artist of Germany. The songs were stripped back to acoustic arrangements with lithe shaker rhythms achieved by Nikola‘s heartfelt intonation.

Genre: german bossa jazz chansons

Nikola Materne: Vocals
Jost Ziegner: Piano, Saxophone, Flute
Axel Zinowsky: Guitar
Caspar van Meel: Bass
Jochen Welle: Drums

Performance time: ca. 90 minutes

Of course, the line up is made variable depending on the event, so that appearances can be made in a small ensemble.

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